Why do I need KollectAll?
  • Do you know how much your collection is worth?
  • If a disaster happens, what would you give to your insurance company?
  • How many times have you said "This year I am going to organize my collection"?
  • Duplicates, why not sell them?
  • Anything and everything can be managed and inventoried with KollectAll!

What is KollectAll?

KollectAll is an easy to use collectibles inventory and management software program on day one, yet powerful enough to grow with your collection. As you become more experienced using KollectAll, the customization tools built into KollectAll let you build and customize the program so that you can modify the program to fit your exact needs. Easy to use on day one, yet powerful to customize as your experience grows, an investment in KollectAll today, is an investment in the future.

Tablets, Lap Tops and Desk Tops - YES! Windows all versions - YES!
KollectAll v9.1 KollectAll v9.1 KollectAll v9.1

Did you know that KollectAll v9.1 is licensed by the user not the computer? That means you can install KollectAll on every computer you use, you do not need to buy multiple copies!

KollectAll is:
  • Easy to use - on day one!
  • Start inventorying your collectibles in minutes
  • Collect everything and anything you want
  • Change an items labels to your preferred language
  • Stores unlimited images for each collectible
  • Add a "Best Picture" thumbnail image to the item screen of the collectible
  • Change the programs name from KollectAll to whatever you want
  • Change the start up splash screen picture with one of your collectibles
  • Select from over 60 different pre loaded collecting templates
  • Each template is fully customizable by you
  • Pre-defined fields let you start in putting your collection ASAP
  • Collect something unique? Create a new templates for it no need to buy another program
  • Create sub templates for specialized collectibles
  • Import and export new templates to and from your friends, club etc.
  • Research your collectibles right from the items page
  • Install our software on all your computers, no need to buy additional copies
  • Sort your collectibles in alphabetical order
  • Back up your database online
  • Network your database so multiple users can access the same database
  • Use online document creation tools from Google
  • Sell your duplicates online
  • Launch web tools from KollectAll to build a web presence
  • Create reports
Our Guarantee:
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - if you don't like KollectAll get a full refund

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