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KollectAll for Olympic Pin Collecting

Included in KollectAll is the Olympic Pin Collecting template, this template can be used for any type of Olympic Pin collecting. Of course you can modify and change the template to exactly reflect the type of Olympic Pin you want to inventory. You can use this template to create folders for all your Olympic Pin collectibles.

Of course your folders can be as generic as (1940's Pins) to very detailed like (Modern Event Pins Issued in the last 10 years). KollectAll is designed to give you the flexibility to collect in your style and even in your language.

In addition to the Olympic Pin collector template, there are over 50 other templates that you can select from, all fully customizable by you! You can even rename the program and change the splash screen image, simply click on the customizer option on the programs top tool bar and change the name of the program to whatever you want, My Olympic Pins, Early Pins of the 1930's, etc. and then select a special picture that you want displayed each time the program starts.

Below is the standard template for the Olympic Pin collector and its labels, every one is changeable by you to reflect your style of collecting and then you can save the customized template as a new one that you can reuse.

Hey it's your collection, once you buy the program it's your software so why not be able to customize it your way!?

Olympic Pin Template

Label1=Pin Name
Label3=Date Acquired
Label5=Price (each)
Label6=Est. Value (ea)
Label7=Acquired From
Label17=Location in Collection
Label18=Description/Type of Pin
Label23=Main Material
Label24=2nd Material
Label26=Primary Color
Label27=2nd Color
Label28=Comments and Missing Parts

You can change the wording of any of these labels to what you want and to any language you want.

One last thing, these fields are numeric only, you can change the wording of the label but you cannot change what is put into them, it has to be a number or a date format.

Label3=Date Acquired
Label5=Price (each)
Label6=Est. Value (ea)

The Olympic Pin Collector item screen

The Olympic Pin Collector image screen

There is so much power built into KollectAll that the only real way for you to see for yourself is to download a fully functioning master copy. The link below will launch a FTP down loader that will let you download a master copy of KollectAll

If you don't think that KollectAll is:

"The greatest collecting program I have ever seen!"

Simply go to Windows control panel and delete the program, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

"OK, I have read enough! I am ready to give KollectAll a try"
So what are you waiting for, click here and launch the down loader and get your fully functioning master copy of KollectAll.

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